Position Statements
Third Annual Celebration of Cuba's Internationalism
Saturday, '98 January 31 - Los Angeles, California

The Organization Us
Los Angeles, California

The Organization Us joins all freedom-loving peoples around the world in standing in solidarity with the Cuban people in their heroic and historic struggle to defend their right of self determination and to break out of the unjust and immoral economic boycott by the U.S. government. Reaffirming basic principles in our people's ancient social justice tradition, we reaffirm the right of self-determination for all peoples, and we consider it immoral and cruel to penalize a whole people and to deny or minimize conditions necessary for people to live in dignity and decency.

Moreover, we respect the Cuban people for their international service in the interest of liberation, education and health for African people and other peoples around the world. And we also respect them for their ability to achieve so much with so little, in the areas of education, health care and productivity under the most stringent conditions. They offer us a model of the inherent strength, resourcefulness and dignity of a people who will not be broken or defeated.

May the Cuban people achieve the good future they have worked so hard to forge - a future of peace and freedom in dignity and decency, of mutually respectful and mutually beneficial relations with neighbors and friends, and the opportunity to turn from constant focus on defense to the unlimited possibilities of maximum human development.

And may all of us who love and struggle for freedom, justice, peace and reciprocity in the world be able to say in victory, we stood with them and would not waiver in this historic struggle.